Baliem Valley is the beautiful place which is located in Jaya Wijaya Mountains, West Papua. It is located in the altitude of about 1,600 metres above the sea level so that it is reasonable that this place having the beautiful scenery and also nature. This is also the place of Yali tribes, Dani tribes, and also Lani Tribes. Baliem Valley is surrounded by the mountains. It makes the place having the cool temperature and fresh air. It is a good place to get relaxed and refreshed.

There are only few people who know the beauty and unique of this place. It does not only offer the beauty of the nature but also almost anything there is amazing, including the people, tradition, cultures, and many more. If you love the beauty and the uniqueness of West Papua, you need to know about this place and go there if you have the chance. Below, there are some of the amazing facts you need to know about the Baliem Valley.

Amazingly Beautiful Nature of Baliem Valley

West Papua has been well known for its beautiful nature. That is especially for some places there which are more than beautiful. It is including Baliem Valley which is amazingly adorable so that it can be one of the must visit places when you go to West Papua. We have described the nature of this place which is really amazing in brief above. This place is completely that attractive with Baliem River which separate Valiem Valley. The river flows to Grand Valley and then it empties to Arafura Sea. Baliem Valley offers the beautiful nature which can make the visitors feel amazed. You will see not only the adorable yet dashing mountains but also in the height,  you can see the fields of the residents there which often look so green, fresh, yet refreshing. It becomes perfect with its cool temperature there. You will feel peaceful, refreshed, and of course feels much healthier because we get the fresh air there.

The Unique Tradition of Baliem Valley

Besides the beauty of the nature, Baliem Valley has the unique tradition. As many people already know, most of West Papua is still preserving their culture so that we can see their culture and tradition in West Papua is still strong. It is including in Baliem Valley where we can find the unique tradition as well. The tradition and culture are totally unique. One of the unique traditions in Baliem Valley is the finger cutting tradition. Sure, when we hear it at the first time, it may sounds so terrible and scary. This Dani Tribe tradition has a reason. This is the way to express their sadness and mourning, when they lose their family member. It may sound strange but cutting the finger may be the symbol of their mourning. For the Baliem Valley people, the hands and the fingers represent the harmony with the human his or herself.

Attractive Fest in Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley is also popular for its fest. Lots of people all over the world know about it especially for them who are always attracted by West Papua. That is because of the unique fest there. This fest is a kind of symbol of the prosperity and also fertility of Baliem Valley. The people then conduct this celebration of the power struggles between the tribes there. They are Yali tribes, Dani tribes, and Lani tribes. This fest is conducted for about three days. That is also conducted every August. Of course, the war is not real and it is still done in the very peaceful ambiance there. Thus, the tribes still live peacefully together.

The Stone Burnt Feast in Baliem Valley

Besides the Baliem Valley Festival, there is also another unique celebration in Baliem Valley, West Papua. It is including the stone burnt feast which is a feast of Dani tribe in welcoming the births, marriage, or even the after war euphoria. This feast is completely unique because the fire is not from two logs which are rubbed to be a fire but the fire is used to burn the well arranged stones. As the peak of this feast, it is used to burn the sweet potatoes and even pigs to be enjoyed by all people. That is done by placing the pig and also sweet potatoes on the coals of fire.

Beautiful White Sands without a Beach

Another beautiful yet unique thing we can find in Baliem Valley is about the beautiful white sands. The unique point is that there is no beach there even though there is the white sand. Commonly, we can find the white sands at beach but that is far away from beach since it is located at the valley. People believed that the white sand is the area of lack which now becomes a land. This is another beauty and fact of Baliem Valley in West Papua which of course will make you want to go there.